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(Collected by Timo Ahjos on 30-May-99. Let me know if I missed something essential!)

Press releases of BIS:
25-Feb-99 Year 2000 Contingency Planning
19-Feb-99 Joint Forum on Financial Conglomerates
8-Feb-99 1999 IAIS/OECD Insurance Supervisory Seminar for Asian Countries
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8-Jan-99 Joint Year 2000 Council identifies Year 2000 action plans
6-Oct-98 Mr. Hanley Clark (West Virginia, United States) elected Chairman of the IAIS Executive Committee
6-Oct-98 Fifth Annual Conference: New Global Insurance Standards Adopted
23-Oct-96 New secretariat comes to Basle
From the Web site of NAIC:
March-98 Supervision of Financial Conglomerats (Full reports!)